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Signature Stamps are quick, easy and convenient way to sign papers or documents

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Printy 4912 Self Inking Impression up to 45 x 17mm

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RRP £29.55
Part number: 4912

Multi Colour Impression Stamp 5208 Heavy Duty Metal Self Inker Impression up to 65 x 44mm

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RRP £78.35
Part number: 12454

Goldring Smart Pens

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RRP £49.95

Trodat Printy 4913 ideal Business Card Stamp Impression size up to 55 x 21mm

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RRP £36.75
Part number: 11664

Self inking Trodat Printy 4921 ideal as Reward / Loyalty Stamp

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RRP £19.25
Part number: 44993

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4913 56 x 20mm

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RRP £36.75
Part number: 11664

Trodat 4927 Plastic Self Inker Impression up to 58 x 37mm

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RRP £50.15
Part number: 11672

Self inking Trodat 4910

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RRP £21.25
Part number: 4910

School Reward Stamp 4933

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News and Offers

Trodat 5756

Automatic Numberer / Numerator

Keep getting writers cramp when writing different numerical numbers or even changing the dial on your numberer.
Why not get an Automatic Numerator.
The self-inking auto number has 6 numbering bands each with 0-9 numbers on the band, each band is programmable and can be set to automatically change
at intervals e.g. every second stamp would increase the number
18 June 2016
Signature Stamps

Signature Stamps

Do you ever struggle signing or get cramp continually signing letters, cheques, and invoices.

Signature stamps are quick, easy and a convenient way to sign pappers or documents.

We can custom make a stamp with your signature simply write your signature on a piece of paper, scan it and upload the image or fax / post 
16 June 2016
Gift Tag Stamp

Gift Tag Stamp

Use your own custom stamp to make Gift Tags, Thank You cards and other stationery
13 June 2016
Graduation Gift 2016

Graduation Present

Not long before Graduation.

Trodat Goldring Stylus Pen makes that perfect gift.

10 June 2016
MCI Business Card

Business Card

Coloured Business Card Stamp
Multi Colour Stamp Trodat Professional 52083 is an ideal size to use as an alternative to printing business cards.
Image available up to 65 x 44mm.
Not only useful to use as an alternative business stamp but can also be used for
stamping receipts and packaging giving a creative touch.
09 June 2016
First Class Work Classmates

Teacher Reward Stamp

Teacher Reward Stamp - no problem

If you do not see what you are after let us know and we will try our best to help you
08 June 2016

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