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Signature Stamps

Signature Stamps

Self-Inking Signature Stamps are a great idea .
How many times do you wish that there was a product that could make a routine task simple?
Why Sign ?
When you can stamp.
17 July 2014

Loyalty Stamps

Self inking Loyalty Stamps are a great idea for rewarding customers loyalty. We have many different designs to choose from or you can always use your own.
Loyalty Stamps are available with the choice of 5 different ink colours, Red, Blue, Green, Violet or Black.

16 July 2014
Inspection Stamps

Inspection Stamps

Why not contact us for a quote on your Inspection Samps and Quality Control Stamps

Our stamps can be made with your logo, text or logo and text.

We offer a large range of Self Inking and Rubber Stamps at discount prices.

No order is to small or to big

We supply to all types of stamps to Industries and Businesses, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Government & Pubic Sectors, Doctors, Dentists etc.

15 July 2014
ID Protection

ID Protection

Yes that is right! An ID rubber stamp can protect your identification and this is one of the most popular items with hundreds of thousands sold in the UK alone.

The idea behind the stamp is that where the text plate or image plate would be on a normal stamp there is a random selection of numbers and letters in no particular order but situated close together without spacing.

Where you have bank details, addresses and other personal information you do not wish people to read you simply stamp the ID rubber stamp over the information you need protecting and then no one can read the text below with all the jumbled combinations of letters and numbers on the top.

In a society where unfortunately identity fraud is occurring on a daily basis there has never been a better time to protect yourself and your property. Believe it or not identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes within the UK. Many people wrongly believe that it will not happen to them – these are the people most at risk!

The facts are clearly outlined, up to date there are 4.3 million victims of identity fraud within the UK – It is going on. One in four people, 25% do not shred sensitive documents at home in order to protect their details. Before shredding though why not use an ID stamp just to be extra safe.

An ID stamp is a small price to pay to protect your identity when you bear in mind that the average victim of identity fraud who loses money as a result faces a loss of around £1190!

10 July 2014
Greatings message

Greetings Message

I know no one likes to know that we are half way through the year.
Have you thought of getting a stamp with a message on so you can stamp your Christmas / Birthday/ Anniversary Cards etc
07 July 2014

Teacher Stamps

Have you had a look at our range of Teacher Stamps.

Had a response from a group of Rainbows Girlguiding enjoyed stamping their passports they made for one of their badges.
03 July 2014

Personalised Products

Now available from KRS
Personalised Products
03 July 2014
DIY Stamps

DIY Stamps

The Trodat Printy DIY Range, provides flexibility in a personalised stamp. You can make a message as many times as you like.

Ideal for small business, home office, schools or even for the home.

As the stamp enables you to create different impressions again and again.

You could use it for making name tags


01 July 2014

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