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Signature Stamps are quick, easy and convenient way to sign papers or documents

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Trodat Printy 4911 School Clothing Marker

From £11.40Order
RRP £22.80
Part number: 56548

Loyalty Selfinking Stamps You can choose from any of our stock designs or custom made to your design

From £8.56Order
RRP £21.40
Part number: 11667

ID Protection Stamp

From £8.10Order
RRP £13.50
Part number: 53905

Trodat Printy 4913 ideal Business Card Stamp Impression size up to 55 x 21mm

From £24.51Order
RRP £40.85
Part number: 11664

2 Stars & A Wish Progress Stamp Trodat 4912

From £5.79Order
Part number: 119685

Set of 5 Stars Teacher Stamps

From £17.25Order
RRP £28.75
Part number: 119666

Set of 3 Stamps Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophies Trodat 4922 Achievement / Reward Stamps

From £10.35Order
RRP £17.25
Part number: 119665

Marking and Assessment Set of 4 stamps

From £13.80Order
RRP £23.00
Part number: 119671

Each Stamp prints a 2-colour impression, with word in red and symbol in blue

From £7.44Order
RRP £12.40

Stocked range of daters with text

From £16.65Order
RRP £27.75

Multi Colour Impression Printy 4913

From £29.51Order
RRP £45.85
Part number: 11545

Self Assessment Trodat 4912

From £7.17Order
RRP £11.95
Part number: 119683

Multi Colour Impression Stamp 5208 Heavy Duty Metal Self Inker Impression up to 65 x 44mm

From £47.01Order
RRP £78.35
Part number: 12454

Goldring Smart Pens

From £33.57Order
RRP £55.95

Self inking Trodat Printy 4921 ideal as Reward / Loyalty Stamp

From £12.84Order
RRP £21.40
Part number: 44993

4912 Teacher Reward Stamps

From £8.10Order

Lightweight Embossing Press up to 38mm dia. Price is based on text only, logos, crests, etc.. P.O.A.

From £31.17Order
RRP £51.95

Personalised made by stamps

From £16.40Order
RRP £32.80
Part number: Trodat 4912


News and Offers

Trodat ID Protection Stamp

identity theft stamp

Trodat ID Theft Stamp

Simply stamp over your personal details with our ID stamp.

Stamping out is better because it quickly and easily blocks your information In a fraction of the time and cost. No need for to keep emptying your shredder, just stamp and put in your recycle bin.The self-inking identity theft is designed with a special pattern that makes printed information underneath the pattern unreadable. Use the Trodat ID stamp to hide your address, bank statements, credit card offers, security numbers, account numbers or id numbers on junk mail, magazines, catalogues, credit card offers, bills and much more.

Replacement ink pads are available to further extend the life of your stamp.

Imression area 45 x 17mm
16 August 2018
Sig Stamps

Signature Stamp Web Offer

Signature stamps save time and effort. The Personalised Signature stamp can be used on cheques, legal documents, letters and more. Many companies require authorising signatures on various documents from work orders to supply orders in the daily handling of the company affairs. When there is lots of letters etc requiring your signature on a regular basis, signing your name can become not only time consuming but also can leave your hand in pain. With a custom signature stamp, you can eliminate this routine from your day. Why write it when you can stamp it with ease?
15 August 2018
Clothing Stamp

Clothing Name Stamp Web Offer

Personalised Clothing Stamp ideal for labeling school clothing.

No need to sew, No labels to iron, No need to write the name.

The clothing marker is often used for labeling school clothes, clothing /bedding in nursing homes, hotels,etc

The personalised clothing and fabric stamp comes with a special textile ink pad that will withstand multiple washes.
14 August 2018
Trodat DIY Clothing Marking Stamp

D I Y Clothing Stamp Web Offer

Are you fed up of sewing labels into school uniform.

Why not get a Self-inking D.I.Y Stamp.

You can Personalise it yourself.

Prints on clothes, linen, school bags, school uniforms .

Machine Washable

Impression Size 37 x 12mm
14 August 2018

Back To School

Here at KRS we have a large selection
of stocked educational stamps.
Why not for a change get a
personalised stamp with your name
and a personal message on e.g.
Miss Long says Well Done.
You can choose any of our school
designs or you may have a design of
your own.
We also have cloth marking stamps.
You can either get a personalised stamp
or a D.I.Y stamp.

10 August 2018

Special Offer Web Only New Range of Loyalty/Reward Stamps

Special Offer Web Only
New Range of Loyalty / Reward Stamps
17 July 2018

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