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Self inking Halloween Hand Stamps

From £4.65Order

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4911 38 x 14mm Text Plate

From £13.48Order
RRP £26.95
Part number: 14610

Loyalty Selfinking Stamps You can choose from any of our stock designs or custom made to your design

From £8.56Order
RRP £21.40
Part number: 11667

Return To Sender

From £16.40Order
RRP £32.80
Part number: 11663

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4913 56 x 20mm

From £20.48Order
RRP £40.85

Signature Stamps are quick, easy and convenient way to sign papers or documents

From £13.48Order

Trodat Printy 4911 School Clothing Marker

From £11.40Order
RRP £22.80
Part number: 56548

Loyalty Selfinking Stamps You can choose from any of our stock designs or custom made to your design

From £8.56Order
RRP £21.40
Part number: 11667

ID Protection Stamp

From £8.40Order
RRP £14.00
Part number: 53905

Trodat Printy 4913 ideal Business Card Stamp Impression size up to 55 x 21mm

From £24.51Order
RRP £40.85
Part number: 11664

Lightweight Embossing Press up to 38mm dia. Price is based on text only, logos, crests, etc.. P.O.A.

From £32.24Order
RRP £53.90

2 Stars & A Wish Progress Stamp Trodat 4912

From £7.44Order
Part number: 119685

Set of 5 Stars Teacher Stamps

From £17.91Order
Part number: 119666

Set of 3 Stamps Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophies Trodat 4922 Achievement / Reward Stamps

From £10.74Order
Part number: 119665

Marking and Assessment Set of 4 stamps

From £11.93Order
Part number: 119671

Each Stamp prints a 2-colour impression, with word in red and symbol in blue

From £8.40Order
RRP £14.00

Stocked range of daters with text

From £17.28Order
RRP £28.80

Personalised made by stamps

From £16.40Order
RRP £32.80
Part number: Trodat 4912

Multi Colour Impression Printy 4913

From £26.15Order
RRP £47.30
Part number: 11545


News and Offers


Check Your Date Stamps

How Many People Go Back To Work After The New Year To Find That There Date Stamp Has Run Out.

So This Is A Gentle Reminder.

Don't Forget To Check Your Date Stamps

19 October 2018
Halloween Spider Skull

31st October

Are you having a party.

Do you need entrance stamps.
18 September 2018
Loyalty Stamp

Trodat 4921 Loyalty Stamp

Trodat 4921 are ideal stamps for loyalty cards for shops,
coffee shops and bars, they are also very popular for
events and nightclubs for proof of payment.
Here at K R S we have a large range of Stocked Loyalty
Stamps or you might want a stamp custom made.
28 August 2018
Return to sender

Return To Sender

Are you fed up with receiving mail that is
not for you or even junk mail.

Why not stamp it with a Return To Sender.

The Trodat 4912 Return To Sender is small
and lightto use.

Ideal for home and office use
24 August 2018
learning is fun

Stamping Is Fun

Don't forget to order your School Stamps.
23 August 2018

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