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Trodat Pocket Printy is small and ideal to clip / carry in your pocket

From £13.00Order
RRP £26.00
From £5.01Order
RRP £8.35

To the parent / carer of Self-inking Trodat 4917 48mm x 4mm

From £14.90Order
RRP £29.80
Part number: 68831

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4913 56 x 20mm

From £22.03Order
RRP £44.05
Part number: 11664

Lightweight Embossing Press up to 38mm dia. Price is based on text only, logos, crests, etc.. P.O.A.

From £28.00Order
RRP £56.00

Trodat 4922 Marking and Assessment Stamps

From £3.72Order
RRP £6.20

New Rewarding Stamps

From £6.00Order
Part number: 44993

Trodat 4924 Plastic Self Inker Impression up to 37 x 37mm

From £22.08Order
RRP £44.15
Part number: 11670

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4911 38 x 14mm Text Plate

From £13.98Order
RRP £27.95
Part number: 14610

Signature Stamps are quick, easy and convenient way to sign papers or documents

From £14.53Order

ID Protection Stamp

From £8.73Order
RRP £14.55
Part number: 53905

Personalised made by stamps

From £17.70Order
RRP £35.40
Part number: Trodat 4912

Trodat Printy 4913 ideal Business Card Stamp Impression size up to 55 x 21mm

From £22.03Order
RRP £44.05
Part number: 11664

Trodat 4916 Plastic Self Inker Private & Confidential To be opened by addressee only

From £16.53Order
RRP £33.05
Part number: 11666

Loyalty Selfinking Stamps You can choose from any of our stock designs or custom made to your design

From £9.22Order
RRP £23.05
Part number: 11667

Return To Sender

From £17.70Order
RRP £35.40
Part number: 11663

Loyalty Selfinking Stamps You can choose from any of our stock designs or custom made to your design

From £9.22Order
RRP £23.05
Part number: 11667

Set of 5 Stars Teacher Stamps

From £18.60Order
RRP £31.00
Part number: 119666

Set of 3 Stamps Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophies Trodat 4922 Achievement / Reward Stamps

From £11.16Order
RRP £18.60
Part number: 119665


News and Offers

Clothing Stamp

Getting Ready For New Term

No need to sew on labels / iron on labels.
Trodat's clothing marker is the perfect
product for durably marking textiles such
as children's clothing or shirts.
01 September 2020
Clothing Stamp

Clothing Name Stamp

Personalised Clothing Stamp ideal for labeling school clothing.

No need to sew, No labels to iron, No need to write the name.

The clothing marker is often used for labeling school clothes, clothing /bedding in nursing homes, hotels,etc

The personalised clothing and fabric stamp comes with a special textile ink pad that will withstand multiple washes.
01 September 2020
MCI Business Card

Business Card

Coloured Business Card Stamp
Multi Colour Stamp Trodat Professional 5208 is an ideal size to use as an alternative to printing business cards.
Image available up to 65 x 44mm.
Not only useful to use as an alternative business stamp but can also be used for
stamping receipts and packaging giving a creative touch.
01 September 2020

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