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Trodat Printy 6/46019 Replacement Ink Pad Pack of 2

Product rating: *****

Trodat Printy 6/46019 Replacement Ink Pad Pack of 2

Round SI 1 col pads

Part number: 6/46019
£4.86 inc. VAT
RRP: £6.75

Trodat Printy 46019 Replacement Ink Pads pack of 2 Pads

Trodat self-inking rubber stamps have an integral stamp pad that can be easily replaced when your stamp is no longer creating a crisp impression. Once your imprint starts to lose its sharpness, simply swap with a Trodat replacement ink pad to make your stamp as good as new.

Trodat cartridges are available in the standard colours of black, blue, red, green and violet 

The ink in the cartridges is manufactured with a water base, and does not contain any toxic substances, acid, formaldehyde, or heavy metals

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