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Multi Colour Impression Self-Inking Stamps

Great new product from Trodat. Multi Colour Impression Stamps also know as MCI Stamps are ideal for Company / School Logos etc

mci fruit


Multi Colour Impression Stamp Printy 4912

From £24.68Order
RRP £37.80
Part number: 12450

Multi Colour Impression Printy 4913

From £29.51Order
RRP £45.85
Part number: 11545
From £35.39Order
RRP £55.65

Multi Colour Impression Stamp Trodat Printy 4926

From £38.48Order
RRP £62.95

Trodat Multi Colour MCI Printy 4927

From £38.48Order
RRP £60.90

Trodat Multi Colour Stamps MCI Printy 4929

From £31.28Order
RRP £48.80
Part number: 12452

Trodat Multi Colour Stamps MCI Printy 46045

From £28.70Order
RRP £44.50
Part number: 69119

Multi Colour Impression Stamp 5208 Heavy Duty Metal Self Inker Impression up to 65 x 44mm

From £47.01Order
RRP £78.35
Part number: 12454

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