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KRS have a large selection of marking, motivational and rewarding school stamps. Ideal for Secondary Schools , Primary Schools, Nurseries and Home use. Choose from self-inking, pre-inked, educational stickers and badges. 

Keep an eye on our website as we are always adding new designs and products. If you do not see what you are looking for do not hesitate in contacting us.


Trodat Printy 4911 School Clothing Marker

From £11.40Order
RRP £22.80
Part number: 56548

School Reward Stamp 4933

From £4.65Order
RRP £7.75

4912 Teacher Reward Stamps

From £8.10Order

Teacher/ School Reward Stamp A colorful and attractive selection of self-inking stamps with well-liked texts, motifs and cartoons.Available in 5 different coloured inks, Red, Black, Blue, Green and Violet

From £3.45Order
RRP £18.75
Part number: Each

A collection of pre-inked 3-in-1 stamps offering various titles designed to meet the criteria for marking children's work.

From £10.80Order
RRP £18.00

Trodat Printy Teacher Stamp Motivating and Encouraging pupils or chilren

From £6.81Order

1,2 or 3 Colour Assessment Stamps

From £8.40Order

Motivating and Rewarding Self-inking Trodat 4921 Stamp

From £4.05Order

Trodat 4922 Marking and Assessment Stamps

From £5.10Order

Self-inking Teacher Reward Stamp. Ideal for classroom use,at home or for anyone who works with children

From £4.83Order

Swop-Pad replacement pad 6/4911 38 x 14mm Text Plate

From £13.48Order
RRP £26.95
Part number: 14610

Self inking Halloween Hand Stamps

From £4.65Order

10ml Fabric ink for most fabrics, especiall Cotton, Silk, and Rayon. Resistant to dry cleaning, boil wash and solvents.

From £3.00Order
Part number: 11461

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