Kershaws Rubber Stamps


Rubber Stamps for Business

Rubber Stamps
Traditional rubber stamps mounted on a plastic eclipse mount . These rubber stamps are available in any size or style.

Plastic Cased Self-inking Stamps
Fitted with their own ink pad self-inking stamps are capable of providing thousands of impressions over many years.

Heavy Duty Self-inking Stamps
The Professional 4.0 is Trodat's newest metal self-inking stamp perfect for dailey office use and heavy-duty applications.

Date Stamps
Self-inking or to use with an ink pad and available with or without fixed text.

Motivational / Eucational Stamps
and Stamp Pen

Self-inking or to use with an ink pad, automatic or manual.

Ink Pads, Accessories & DIY Stamps
Inks & pads for rubber stamps, racks to hold rubber stamps, DIY stamp kits, replacement pads for all self-inking stamps

Pocket Stamps
Smart, compact and innovative, these stamps fold in on themselves and contain their own ink pad.


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