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Pre-inked Stamps


Produced from one of six coloured gels, the pre-inked stamp is made of ink. The process up to the stage of the mould is the same as for a rubber stamp, and with the addition of a chase this then forms into a reservoir which is processed through to a solid block of ink, which is then cut and fitted into a suitable pre-ink mount.

Due to being solid ink the amount of depth required to stamp an impression is a minimal distance, which means that although not for speed stamping, these provide a nice soft action for repetitive or occasional stamping giving thousands of smooth impressions before requiring refresher ink to renew its life..

In a choice of seven colours (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Violet), these have an ergonomic handle which does not make repetitive stamping a chore, and reduces the chance of RSI.



  1. The rotating adjustment mechanism, located beneath the economically designed handle, lets you set your stamp for lighter or darker impressions.
  2. Microscopic ink cells hold enough ink for thousands of impressions
  3. Heavy duty flat die plates ensure even, consistent  impressions.
  4. Comes with an integral dust cover.
  5. Large index area on the front for recognition & clarity.



 An inexpensive mount, without adjustment, which is generally used for school motivational, and commercial loyalty card stamps. But is available for any usage, giving a reasonable method for producing large or small numbers of pre-inked stamps within a budget price. .


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