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Self Inking Stamps

Ordinary everyday stamping using self inking stamps which may include daters, numberers etc. Perfect for fast and /or repetitive stamping.

All self inking stamps are manufactured with a  Rubber die which is fastened to the die plate. This rotates through 180° when the stamp is depressed, to make the impression and when released returns to rest ensuring the die is in contact with the renewable ink pad (thus self inking) and when pressed down next time the die plate and die rotate the 180° and makes a nice flat contact with the stamping surface.

There are various sizes of die plate made, many of which incorporate a central section usually with a date, but can be a numberer or words or a double date or a mix.

Self inking stamps are plastic bodied for general and office use, (if a dater etc. the bands are not usually alterable).

Metal framed are heavy duty for high usage, such as in the postroom.

Where these are daters etc. these are usually alterable to customer specification, such as adding alphabetical or special bands to numberic stamps.

For the self inker, when your pad runs dry after thousands of crisp impressions merely insert a new pad. (Of course this means you can select the ink colour for your impression, some self Inkers offer tow colour pads for either highlighting, or to show date as a different colour.)



Plastic, Generally for office use

Trodat Printy 4912


Metal frame, Generally for heavy duty use


 colop exploding diagram P40  generic trodat professional stamp










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